ITPartners+ Successfully Completes SOC 2 Type II Audit

ITPartners+ is proud to complete its SOC examination with the guidance of third-party audit firm A-LIGN!

This comprehensive, globally recognized audit validates our commitment to critical security standards to protect and secure client data.

I’m so proud of how our team pulled together and put security first so we can have an independent report to reassure our partners that we walk the talk when it comes to security.
Kevin Damghani
CEO of ITPartners+
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Benefits of working with a SOC 2 Type II Partner

We take security seriously. What does this mean for you? Our partners can save time, resources, and money while having peace of mind that their information is being protected.

Demonstrates a commitment to data security and privacy.

Provides assurance to your customers that your systems are secure.

Satisfies requirements for organizational and regulatory oversight.

What is a SOC 2 Type II Report?

Confidently Protect Your Business

SOC 2 Type II audits attest to the design, implementation and operating effectiveness of controls. A Type II audit provides assurance that controls are not only designed and implemented, but that they operated effectively and as intended.

A SOC 2 Type II will generally provide a greater level of trust to a customer or business partner due to the increased visibility of systems in action.

A SOC 2 report addresses risks associated with the handling and access of data, and can be used by a variety of organizations of any size (e.g. SaaS, colocation, data hosting, etc.) Rather than a cybersecurity assessment that evaluates specific technical configurations, a SOC 2 report focuses more on how an organization implements and manages controls to mitigate the identified risks to the different parts of an organization.

In a world filled with data breaches and information leaks, establishing a relationship with a Partner who you can trust is not only critical to your revenue stream, but is quickly becoming vital in today’s business environment. Customers and partners are seeking assurances that the companies they work with are doing everything they can to avoid exposing sensitive information and creating risk. Providing those assurances is exactly what a SOC 2 does.

What Does SOC Stand for?:

Service Organization Controls

SOC is a framework developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) for the purpose of providing regular, independent attestation of the controls that a company has implemented to mitigate information-related risk.

There are three types of SOC audits: SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3. When it comes to cybersecurity, SOC 2 has become the de facto standard.

A SOC 2 report focuses on how an organization implements and manages these controls to mitigate risk.

​Who is A-LIGN?

SOC 2 Type II Audit Conducted by A-LIGN

A-LIGN is a technology-enabled security and compliance partner trusted by more than 2,500 global organizations to help mitigate cybersecurity risks. A-LIGN uniquely delivers a single-provider approach as licensed SOC 1 and SOC 2 Assessor, accredited ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and ISO 22301 Certification Body, HISTRUST CSF Assessor firm, accredited FedRAMP 3PAO, candidate CMMC C3PAO, and Qualified Security Assessor Company. Working with small businesses to global enterprises, A-LIGN experts and its proprietary compliance management platform, A-SCEND, are transforming the compliance experience.
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High Standards Vendor

This report confirms our commitment to implementing the best practices in security and privacy.

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Peace of Mind

Independent validation that the our security practices are sound.
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Compliance Ready

SOC 2 audits can help a company comply with regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR.

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