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Trusted and familiar, Office 365—now renamed Microsoft 365—remains the best cloud product for office productivity, connectivity, and security.

It comes with an ever-growing number of apps and settings that can customize the solution for exactly your needs.

ITPartners+ has the expertise to migrate and manage your on-premise data and hosted exchange to Microsoft 365 apps, including Sharepoint. And you can buy it directly from us starting at $3/month per user, saving you money off Microsoft’s published prices.

+ Migration

We’ve helped many partners through a migration to Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint from Google Workspace or on-premise servers. During migration we help you make decisions regarding security and structure that will boost the productivity, safety, and happiness of your users.

We will also train your team on both familiar apps like Outlook and new apps like Teams.

Why Sharepoint?

Not all Microsoft 365 users use Sharepoint. They might feel like it is too complicated to set up or use or they might not realize its advantages.  We love Sharepoint. On the simple side, Sharepoint is your file server moved to the cloud. But this doesn’t mean same features, different location. 

Gain access from anywhere, with any device, without setting up a VPN

Mark a file as always available for working offline

Automatically sync changes from modified offline files when connected again

Securely and easily share files outside of the company

Let multiple people work on the same file at the same time

You have access to browse past versions of a file and restore a past version

Fast Support

You're Never Left Waiting

Our knowledgeable support team has extensive experience with Microsoft 365 apps. They love challenging questions and the opportunity to learn. Remember, our first response time hovers around 5 minutes so you are never left waiting.

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+ Added Value for Co-Managed Partners

Save Money

Starting at $3/month per user, saving you money off Microsoft’s published prices


Manage your own users and billing through a custom portal


Implement best practices through our security management solution

Automated Threat Protection, Real-time Reporting, and 24/7 Email or Text Alerts!

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