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ITPartners+ is proud to announce that we are a Verkada authorized reseller & installer. Verkada is a revolutionary hybrid cloud security system that has disrupted the physical security market and is only available through authorized resellers.

There are so many next gen features and clever hardware upgrades that it’s hard to list them all. That’s why Verkada hosts weekly online demos—and you will get a YETI for attending one. 

Why Verkada?

The reliability of on-camera solid-state storage, with the accessibility of the cloud

  • No NVRs, DVRs, or servers—just a PoE connection
  • Cameras come online and configure in minutes
  • No added software or complexities like port forwarding
  • Bandwidth-friendly, using 5-20 Kbps per camera
  • Scale to thousands of cameras across all locations
  • No added equipment needed to support additional cameras
  • Centralized management for seamless access anywhere
  • No training required to access footage and features
  • Find, download, and share footage from any device


  • Hardware includes an industry-leading 10-year warranty
  • Automatic firmware updates keep systems secure
  • New features and enhancements are added at no additional costs
  • Access from any device (desktops, smartphones, tablets)
  • Native apps for iOS and Android, Apple TV, and Verkada’s VX51 Viewing Station
  • Command licenses include unlimited cloud archiving
  • Easily export any footage in a shareable MP4 format
  • Create and share Live Links with first responders

+ People and Vehicle Analytics

Combining intelligent edge-based video processing with computer vision in the cloud to give users high-quality images of all individuals or vehicles identified in the scene. Using the centralized management platform, users can filter people by various attributes, including date, time, appearance, clothing color, backpack detection, and facial matches; and vehicles by color, body type, and make.

Verkada Hybrid Cloud Architecture Offers Major Changes

No NVRs or DVRs

Industrial-grade solid state storage saves up to 365 days of continuous video

Easy to Scale

Bandwidth friendly and supports thousands of cameras across unlimited locations

Centralized Management

Modern platform enables secure access on any device from anywhere in the world

Cloud Based Access Control

From keys to card readers, and now to the cloud

Seamlessly tied into Verkada cameras, Verkada access control is the industry’s first native cloud-based access control that brings real-time visibility to access-based events.

And you don’t have to deal with specialized hardware or on-premise network configuration.

+ Access that works for you

Who Uses Verkada?

Verkada has been implemented by businesses of all sizes including Fremont Bank, UnitedHealthcare and Masimo manufacturing. It is also very popular in the public sector. See how it has been implemented by:

Police Department
City Administration

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