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Backups have been standard procedure for decades now. Everyone has a backup but how do you know it’s working? A green checkbox? 

And when you need to restore your systems, how long will it take you to get back up and running? 

ITPartners+ Business Continuity reduces down-time due to disaster, is easy-to-implement, and it evolves to address the ever-changing threat landscape.

You will get peace of mind knowing ITPartners+ is by your side whenever you need them.

+ Instant Recovery

Traditional backup only covers your data. In a disaster or emergency, you need to rebuild systems before you can use the data. Business Continuity from ITPartners+ includes instant virtualization technology that allows you to keep running in the cloud while you recover.

Wondering if that time matters? Check out our RTO Calculator to find out how much it would cost you if your system were down.

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Don't trust the green checkbox.

In an IT infrastructure, multiple changes are made every day and the only way to know if your data and systems are recoverable is to test daily. 

ITPartners+ Business Continuity includes daily testing with screenshot verification showing that your systems are bootable. Afraid you might miss one? No worries. ITPartners+ has staff that reviews the screenshots for every deployment every day. And we’ll let you know as soon as we see any problems.

Daily Testing for every deployment every day.

Always Evolving

The backup space is always evolving and so is ITPartners+ Business Continuity. 

Even in the case of total software destruction, ransomware, or even something as simple as server hardware failure you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. 

+ Groundbreaking Features

Flexible and Scalable

From 1 to 120 Terrabytes

+ Multiple Configurations

Image of a Datto Blue Diamond Global Partner program award, showcasing the MSP company's achievement in being recognized as a top-performing partner in the managed service provider industry. The award features a striking and professional design with the Datto Blue Diamond and Global Partner program logos prominently displayed. This award signifies the company's exceptional performance and commitment to providing high-quality IT solutions and services to its customers. This image provides valuable insights into the MSP company's achievements, making it a useful resource for businesses seeking to partner with a top-performing managed service provider.

Crucial Relationship

Datto is not just a vendor we work with.  ITPartners+ is a Datto Blue Partner—the highest level of Datto partnership. All of our partner support engineers hold multiple Datto certifications and are experienced with all Datto products. And, as part of the Datto Global Advisory Committee, we have access to Datto’s leadership and provide feedback on their future plans.

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