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As an IT professional, you know what you need. And we are here to help you achieve your goals. Whether it is doing more with a smaller budget or taking point with difficult vendors, ITPartners+ is here to help our superheroes out.


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Why Co-Managed?

Co-Managed IT Provider
Co-Managed IT is not the same as Fully Managed IT. At ITPartners+ we do both. We don’t want to choose a favorite but let’s just say we rock the short pants and cape.

No long-term contracts means you aren’t locked into services.

You remain in control of your IT environment plus we’ve got your back(up).


Our relationships with vendors are your advantage.

IT changes quickly. Get out from the day to day to focus on the big picture.

All of our techs are certified with our selected vendors.

Industry Leading Tech + The Support You’ve Been Looking For.

We get IT! From trying to stay on top of pesky software bugs, password amnesia, and the ever-looming specter of cyber threats, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Why go at IT alone? 🤔
Discover how our cost-effective Co-Managed IT services can be a game-changer for you and your team. 🤝

Co-Managed IT Support

Popular Services

Office 365 & G-Suite Backup

1 in 3 companies report losing data in SaaS applications.

Is that surprising? Despite recovery options, Microsoft and Google are not responsible for protecting your data and both recommend independent backup.

Traditional means of backing up data are not reasonable when it comes to SaaS applications. With ITPartners+ SaaS backup you get cloud-to-cloud backup with unlimited data retention and easy per-seat pricing. 

Learn more about how to…

Continuity & Backup

Backup is standard practice these days. Anyone can promise data recovery. What makes us superhero support worthy is how quickly we can help you recover from an incident and get you back to work. 

ITPartners+ business continuity solution will back up data up to every five-minutes, enabling you to fully recover in as little as 6-seconds, and automatically confirming that systems can be recovered through a daily screenshot verification.

This is world-class protection that will free you from reliance on an outdated backup solution or a green checkbox.

NO ‘Press 1 or 2'

Go Straight to an Engineer!

We don’t do hold music; we do solutions. Give us a call and you get connected to our tech team. No frills, no fuss—just direct, effective support, exactly when you need it.

Voice over IP

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Free phones, lifetime warranty, and premium support. That’s why our partners love ITPartners+ VoIP. 

Our full-featured VoIP includes call-center capability, mobile integration, business SMS.

Security Offerings

Security Offerings

The number and complexity of network security solutions continues to grow and you can rely on ITPartners+ to adjust and master important emerging technologies.


Remote Monitoring and Helpdesk

Remote Monitoring and Helpdesk

Take advantage of our strengths as a managed services provider and tap into our famously fast helpdesk. Or choose RMM and gain proactive care to all endpoints including servers with less hassle.

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