More layers for your security lasagna

Finding The Right IT Security Solution

We understand. Sometimes it can seem like there’s a new must-have security layer every other month. Hackers have a full-time job coming up with new ways to get your information. IT professionals have more than a full-time job to keep up with them plus their regular job. 

Security layers are what make the job, and the risk, more tolerable. So let’s set you up with:

A security operations center, or SOC, is literally a group of security analysts working around the clock monitoring a network for intrusions or problems. This sort of active monitoring used to be available only to large organizations with deep pockets. But SOC as a service has democratized this layer of protection. 

Talk to us about how you can have your organization monitored 24/7/365 by a SOC.

End-user error is the #1 gateway for security risks and breaches. It only takes one user to compromise an entire network. 

Phishing tests are one of the most economical ways to lower your chances of infections. And relevant security training is key. Let ITPartners+ put together a package using our partners KnowBe4 or Webroot to keep your security training fresh.

Multi-factor authentication is one of the most effective ways to reduce breaches, but many have been slow to adopt it because it is perceived as a hassle.  Modern MFA is easy to set up and use. Let ITPartners+ review your environment, recommend a trusted MFA solution, and help you implement it.

Learn more about MFA

Years of phishing, malware, and other incursions that seemed harmless at the time have left threat actors with a wealth of information. These credentials are now for sale on the dark web and give attackers easy access to your system.

Proactive dark web monitoring finds what’s for sale and reports it back to you. Compromised credentials, even older ones can lead to new attacks. Want to see what’s there right now? Contact us and we’ll share your list with you.

90% of all phishing attacks come through email which is why we recommend adding Advance Threat Detection (ATD) as a security layer in Microsoft 365. This isn’t your old spam filter. ATD is an active cybersecurity layer that that stops malware, credential phishing, and impersonation before it reaches you. It is designed to detect known and new, never-before-seen, attacks in an Microsoft 365 environment.

A good ATD provides a superior security experience. It analyzes, provides actionable insights, and helps orchestrate responses to detected attacks. In this fast-changing threat environment, ATD is also the most economical way to access the knowledge of cybersecurity experts.

If you don’t have this increasingly important layer activated for your Microsoft 365 environment, talk to us today.

Endpoint is just a fancy name for computers, servers, and the increasing number of internet-connected technologies. It’s becoming quite the connected world out there. And with more devices, it is important to choose a solution that can keep up with changing technologies.

Our endpoint security partner is so sure they can protect you from ransomware that it even comes with a guarantee. You will get up to $1 million in compensation should it fail to protect you. Antivirus can’t do that.

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