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ITPartners+ offers robust security services and can help you meet a compliance standard as well as conduct a compliance audit 

Healthcare and Dental Compliance

As a managed service provider for both doctor and dentist offices, we are familiar with HIPAA compliance as well as multiple medical and dental software technologies.

For instance, HIPAA requires strong encryption and security protocols for your computers. Our team can assess how your environment meets those standards and help you understand how to use the technology to keep you and your clients safe. 

Financial Compliance

If you process credit cards, then you know you need to be PCI compliant. ITPartners+ engineers are familiar with PCI compliance as well as SOC 2 requirements. These two standards are meant to keep financial transactions safe as well as document that safety.

Need help sorting through which compliance standards affects you? The ITPartners+ team is here to help.

Public Sector Compliance

As a service provider to multiple government agencies we understand that there are federal, state—and even local standards—that might be applied to an agency IT environment.  CJIS, the criminal justice information services standard, is the one that comes up most often.

CJIS is a complex requirement that can be interpreted in several ways. Ultimately, each agency must decide on how they want to apply the standard, but we are happy to share our advice and experience from our multiple implementations.

 ITPartners+ Successfully Completes SOC 2 Audit 

 “This is such a huge milestone and we completed it within our first five years, something that I never thought we would be able to do when just starting out, said Kevin Damghani, CEO of ITPartners+. “I’m so proud of how our team pulled together and put security first so we can have an independent report to reassure our partners that we walk the talk when it comes to security.” 

Count on Us

Your security is important to us.

The ITPartners+ Security Task Force develops effective, practical security that secures partner information and workstations. They also maintain the internal security of ITPartners+ and continually improve both through training, education, and practice. In the event of an incident, you can be assured that our team will respond in a professional and efficient manner.

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The Bottom Line

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We are here to provide advice and help.

Not being in compliance with any standard that applies to you can result in fines. It doesn’t matter whether you know about the standard or not. While compliance is your responsibility, it doesn’t mean you are on your own. We are here to provide advice and help.

And we don’t wait until you reach out. We actively meet with you to discuss your IT environment and best practices enabling us to stay ahead of any issues. We are confident that we will earn your business every month.

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