Public Sector & Government

Stay out of the headlines when ransomware strikes

Partnering with Public Sector & Government IT Departments

ITPartners+ has a full suite of co-managed tools and services focused on ransomware-resilience for government agencies. Our active monitoring and communication set us apart from other solution vendors. We pride ourselves in above and beyond customer service that creates solid relationships with the many government agencies we serve.

State Cooperative Contract

ITPartners+ participates in TIPS, a purchasing cooperative that is active in all 50 states and is free to join. As a TIPS awarded vendor, we have access to a team that can work with your procurement department to help avoid the lengthy RFP process. And all of our public sector services are covered under the cooperative contracts.

Visit the TIPS website to find our published prices for government agencies or to join.

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  • Membership is FREE with no purchasing obligation or liabilty.

  • Available to Education, Government and Non-Profit Agencies

  • Receive national volume, ceiling-based, discounted pricing

Backup and Disaster Recovery Whitepaper

Ransomware Resilient Backup and disaster recovery are our most popular services for government agencies. Check out this whitepaper to learn what to look for in a backup and disaster recovery solution

Success Story

Read how ITPartners+ works with the town of Ponce Inlet, Florida to provide them co-managed backup and disaster recovery

co-managed support

Our Popular Public Sector Services

Most of our services we provide to the public sector are co-managed. Not familiar with the term? We have a whole co-managed page dedicated to explaining it.


Continuity & Backup

Featuring instant virtualization technology and daily screenshot verification, ITPartners+ continuity products will have you up and running minutes after any disaster.

Don’t trust the green checkbox!


SaaS Protection

Just because your data is in the cloud doesn’t mean it is backed up. Explore our easy, automatic, and robust SaaS backup for Office 365 and G-Suite.

Cover your Saas!


Endpoint Protection

Next-generation endpoint protection is not your father’s antivirus. And ask us about the up to $1,000,000 ransomware warranty.

Add on another layer of protection.


Darkweb Monitoring

See your credentials for sale on the darkweb and take action before they are used.

Add on another layer of protection.


SOC as a Service

Hire a team of security analysts working out of a security operations center, or SOC, to watch your network 24/7/365.

Add on another layer of protection.


Security and Compliance

Ultimately compliance is your responsibility, but it doesn’t mean you have to be on your own. See how we can help.

We’re here to help.


Physical Security

Built for the modern world, Verkada cameras and access systems are revolutionizing a space that has not seen much innovation since the 1990s.

Security layers are what make the job, and the risk more tolerable.

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