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Our passion for positively impacting people fuels every aspect of our work, from local initiatives to global missions.

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Positively impacting the people of Uganda

Dr. Betty Udongo & ITPartners+ Mission of Changing Lives

We are deeply honored to be partnering with the incredible Dr. Betty Udongo in Uganda. Her remarkable journey from growing up in the Idi Amin era conflict to becoming a beacon of hope for women’s empowerment is awe-inspiring.

As the first girl from her village to attend university and a former member of Uganda’s Parliament, Dr. Udongo has dedicated her life to creating positive change in the lives of others. Her groundbreaking work at the New Generation Healing & Empowerment Center is a vital haven for hope and transformation.

This sanctuary serves as a lifeline for young women offering them not just shelter but also a chance at a brighter future through education, vocational training, and comprehensive support including medical care and trauma counseling.

Together, we can support Dr. Betty Udongo’s mission to positively impact the lives of these young women and their children.

Positively impacting the people of El Cacique, Dominican Republic

Dr. Sylvia Martinez & ITPartners+ Mission of Changing Lives

When it came to giving back, we always knew that we were looking for a long-term relationship. A relationship that would challenge us, that would take us out of our comfort zone. These kinds of relationships are not easy to find so we were lucky to be able to work with Keystone Church and be part of their long-term relationship with Dr. Sylvia Martinez and Sociedad Lucas.

With Keystone Church, Dr. Martinez has built a school in El Cacique, an extremely poor section of Santo Domingo. A small group from ITPartners+ visited this school in November 2021 to see if there might be a fit between our passion and what they need and dream for their school.

We found that they have a dream to have a technical school and teach computers. We know computers and we know how to train help desk engineers. Our long-term plan is to work with them to transfer this knowledge. We hope that the computer skills these children gain will help move them out of their poverty. However, we know that it will take years. Relationships—and computer labs —are built one step at a time.

For now, we are continuing to work with both Keystone Church and Dr. Martinez by committing to annual visits. We have successfully worked with a local internet provider to get fiber installed and our first batch of computers and networking equipment were installed March 2023.

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