3 Tech Health Checks for Private Equity Acquisitions

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, it’s not just about the balance sheets… One of the real game-changers often lies in understanding the technology underpinning a company. Let’s explore 3 technology health indicators for savvy investor’s checklists.

Co-Managed IT: A Game-Changer for Government IT Departments

Local government IT departments operate at the intersection of complexity and constraint. Not only are they stewards of extensive data ecosystems, but they’re also the backbone that keeps civic services ticking like clockwork. Remarkably, they work to accomplish all this while navigating the tightrope of budgetary limitations.

Co-Managed vs Fully Managed IT: A Quick Guide To Choosing The Right IT Support

Explore the key differences between Co-Managed IT and Fully Managed IT services with IT Partners’ quick guide. Discover which IT model aligns best with your business needs, whether you’re seeking full IT management or a partnership that enhances your existing in-house team. Understand the benefits and potential drawbacks of each model, and make an informed decision to optimize your business operations.

Your Guide to Co-Managed IT

ITPartners+ Graphic with Two Shaking Hands - A Guide to Co-Managed IT Services

This guide aims to answer all your questions about co-managed IT services, exploring what they are, how they work, who can benefit from them, and the pros and cons of this model.

Working From Home – 10 Tips To Help Keep Your Team Safe

Are organizations prepared for the cybersecurity implications of their staff working from home? It’s tricky to manage remote workers since they are not part of the network infrastructure at the office. Many traditional perimeter and endpoint strategies for securing the environment no longer work.

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