Apple Partnerships

Apple devices are ubiquitous, existing in businesses and organizations across the U.S. and around the world. With a wide range of products including iPhones, iMacs, and iPads, virtually all modern computing is easily accomplished with what Apple has to offer.

With updated devices released all the time, there’s always a new opportunity to streamline business practices and take innovations in new directions.

If your company would like to break into the Apple device market, IT Partners is happy to provide guidance, support, and cost savings. With services for education, government, local businesses, and NPOs across greater Grand Rapids, we can help you find the right fit for your office, no matter what you would like to accomplish.

Enterprise Grade Management

In addition to our strategic support, IT Partners also offers enterprise grade management services for iOS devices, working to keep your team connected, secure, and stable. With assistance from IBM’s management tools, we can keep your employees on the right track, ensuring your devices meet each and every need that may arise. Our offerings provide a comprehensive approach, with many options.

Our services go beyond iOS, however; we’re available to assist IT departments in the management of all Mac PCs and Apple products. Whether you’re having trouble with deployment or need help keeping your computers secure on your network, our team is available around the clock to ensure everything is operating as it should be.

With assistance from IT Partners , integrating Apple products into your daily life has never been easier. From custom consultations to tech support, we can manage even your most challenging situations. Contact us today to explore what our team can offer greater Grand Rapids!

  • Efficient enrollment to streamline setup

  • Enterprise system integration

  • Centralized management that provides visibility and control of device use

  • Compliance and security support

  • App, Settings, & bulk deployment & management

  • Use monitoring and reporting tools

Custom Apple Partnerships

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, we are happy to assist you in building an Apple-oriented culture in your workplace. With partnership options for all Apple makes and models, including tablets, computers, and mobile devices, we are prepared to equip your team with the technology they need most.

From providing hands-on service during implementation and installation to helping you make decisions that are right for your organization, we’re always here to provide for you. From a few computers for a single department to a comprehensive iMac fleet for your entire company, no one can help you guide your business like we can.

Are you ready to learn more about why IT Partners is the right fit for your business? Drop us a line today and discover the freedom in outsourced IT management!

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