Continuity and Backup

Can Your Backups Do This?

Backups are not a business continuity plan. And your reputation, and business, may be on the line if you can’t be up and running after disaster strikes.

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) can be complicated. But with ITPartners+ you get a simple, dependable product that can scale to any size of business.

And you get the peace of mind of knowing ITPartners+ will be by your side whenever you need them.

Don't Trust the Green Checkbox

How can you rely on a simple green checkbox to ensure all of your data will be readily available at a moments notice without manually testing daily? The short answer: you can’t.

What if your infrastructure got hit with a disaster such as ransomware and the backups of your physical and virtual machines booted to an error? Make sure you have your bases covered with daily & automated testing of your backups.

Reliable Protection with Screenshot Verification

Problems are typically only discovered when it is too late—when that backup data is needed for recovery. Advanced Screenshot Verification—built upon unrivaled patented backup verification technology—provides automated application-level backup verification with every single backup and includes:

  • Automated daily & fully tested screenshot verifications
  • Visual proof your backups are working
  • Fleet level backup monitoring
  • Custom scripting and service verification

World Class Protection With Datto

Providing confidence and an advanced class of protection, Datto is a worldwide company offering the best solutions to protect data, no matter where it lives. ITParnters+ is a premier Datto Elite partner, the highest tier of Datto partnership.

Datto products from ITPartners+ come with built-in geo redundancy and daily verified screenshots so you can have peace of mind that if disaster strikes you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Even in the case of total software destruction, ransomware, or even something as simple as server hardware failure.

  • Hybrid cloud solutions protect your data locally and via the secure state-of-the-art Datto cloud.

  • Instant Virtualization technology provides instant access to your servers via the Datto appliance or Datto’s secure cloud, giving you the freedom to operate as normal during outages.

  • Screenshot Backup Verification offers extra peace of mind, giving you visual proof that your data is safe in the event that you actually need it.

  • Instant off-site virtualization provides the ability to virtually access your entire system and operate at a sense of normal even in the event of complete destruction from fire, flood, or theft.

  • Protected using military grade AES-256 encryption, Datto’s servers are as secure as possible both in transit and within the cloud.

  • Backup your cloud data stored in Office 365, OneDrive, SalesForce, and Google Apps to provide an extra level of access against cloud service provider issues or even a disgruntled employee harming cloud data.

Success Story

ITPartners+ works hard to educate clients about the value IT infrastructure brings to a business, regardless of industry. The Michigan-based company offers both business IT solutions and residential services, including corporate IT management, web support, solution placement, and consulting.

From 1 to 120 Terabytes

Backed up up to every 5 minutes

As your premier business continuity and Datto resource partner, we’re happy to show you what we have to offer. Give us a call and let our expertise guide your business in the right direction!

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