3D, Aerial & Drone

Drone Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. When you want to add depth and breadth to your business, the right images can be very important. Whether you work in a media-heavy industry, like real estate, design, or marketing, or would simply like to illustrate your company mission like never before, IT Partners in Grand Rapids can help you accentuate what you have to offer.

Aerial Photography

Sometimes, the best way to highlight your property, location, or scenery is from above. When you’re looking for the perfect way to capture what you have to offer through a view no one else can achieve, our aerial photography services can give you a unique perspective. Through the use of high performance cameras, drones, and cutting edge technology, we are able to accentuate what sets you apart from your competition with breathtaking images captured from the sky.

Get up to 10 Aerial images for your MLS listing for GRAR or other business needs for a flat $149 including post production. 

3D Modeling

Why show your clients a simple image of a residential property or commercial property when you can do so much more? Through 3D modeling, we can create a rich, dynamic experience for your users, clients, and customers, going above and beyond the competition with a stunning, realistic view of
what you have to offer.

Perfect for real estate agents, designers, and media companies, our skills can bring your business to life in a way that wows. We can integrate the 3D modeling right into your MLS listing on GRAR.

  • ½ acre: $299

  • ¾ acre: $379

  • 1 acre: $449

  • Hardware repairs and replacements

View an example of our 3D rendering in action. Click on the graphic to view an interactive model created by ITPartners+.

B-Roll Footage

When you want your media to stand out, b-roll footage is the perfect way to enhance what you have to offer. A valuable way to round out a final product and smooth out editing in a high tech, appealing way, IT Partners is the perfect option for adding a finishing touch. Ideal for commercials, About Us pages, marketing material, and more, we’re able to give your presentations a professional edge.

Your media choices say a lot about your company, and at IT Partners, you can find the assistance you need to capture one of a kind images. With specializations in 3D modeling, aerial photography, and b-roll footage for video projects, our professionals are able to bring your corporate brand to life. Contact us today to put a new twist on your next project!

Are you ready to learn more about why IT Partners is the right fit for your business? Drop us a line today and discover the freedom in outsourced IT management!

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